Monday, October 17, 2011

TO ETHIOPIA! onward, forward!

Hello Folks! I am leaving for ethiopia tomorrow, SUPRISE!

So- I will be blogging, probably frequently, but due to restrictions, Blogger is not accesible in Ethiopia. So i started this blog:

Please visit often, it will be a major form of communication for me.

I just did a post there too, its called The "Last Night in America" Post.

Much love to all!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

good music video

from atmosphere's latest album.

i think its really slug's kid.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alaska and back again!

Here i am, back in the "lower 48". I cannot explain how much i am loving having shaved legs. Its been three months since i shaved, and i have shaved my legs twice since being back. Maybe its the summer, maybe its that i have found shorts on my gams once again, maybe its the smooth!
Anyhow, back in the 98 degree weather from the 55 degree average of Alaska. I love it. Fresh fruit, swimming in the river, going outside after the sun is down without a SWEATER! although, the mosquitoes are worse here in utah than they were in AK. The frequency of attacks is far greater in utah. The size though, puny compared to the blood hawks of AK.

A few posts to come about Alaska, about the different experiences i had in different locations. This picture is from Becharof, my first location.

I come back with the ability to swing an axe for hours. I come back with calluses on my toes and on the palm of my hand. I come back with an appreciation for hot water and shaved legs, clean hair and deodorant. I come back with an appreciation for the human spirit and its ability to coexist in natural communities. I come back with a love for trails and an eye for outslopes and backslopes. I come back with a passion for habitat and user friendly land management. I come back and will return in a matter of weeks.

what i'm listening to right now:
Fat Freddy's Drop- Based on a True Story

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

greetings from the mastu

here i am in alaska! i wish i could all transport you here really quickly so you could see this glory.

its the first sunny day in a while, not rainy. i've spent the last 48 hours in and out of the hospital with one of the students. its not an emergency, just bizarre pain in the abdomen. i'm functioning on 3 hours of sleep.

right now, the crew is at the Palmer Library, researching possible recreation trips. We are not sure what we will do. maybe visit the Chugach National Forest for a few days, maybe Kenai NWR for a few more, and Seward AK

we only have 6 work days left.

i only have 15 days left in alaska. i love it here. it feels like home. execept it's missing everyone i love.

see you all soon.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A quick note before I go

Right now I am in Nags Head, NC. I am leaving to Anchorage, Alaska later today. Clark is driving me to the airport.
Once i get there, I pick up a rental van and head to a hostel to stay for my very first time.

My emotions are a mix of terribly excited, confident, nervous, scared, unsure, and excited.

More updates to come. Promise.

This is why i am going to alaska, to build trail in two places:

Becharof (pronouced Besharov) National Wildlife Refuge


Matsu Borough.

Here it goes

Thursday, April 7, 2011

on being 23

its nice.
I decided I wasn't going to get too worked up on my birthday, mostly because I keep hearing how its not that important to be the "birthday girl" or "birthday dude". But whatever. Its my birthday. I didn't go crazy or anything, but I decided to do nice things for myself- to live the day as fully as I could. And I did.
Thankfully I was able to spend my birthday with some friends. And even was able to spend my birthday with Cree and Ben- also born on 4/6/1988. We've been planning on having a trifecta birthday forever, and it's never happened. We didn't even plan on it last night, but we all ended up hanging out at my house, eating tacos and playing Uno.
It was a lovely birthday. And thank everyone for the love that was sent my way. I think this birthday was one of the best i've had.

I set goals for myself this year:
-graduate from college,
-graduate with honor,
-visit Chaco Canyon and other ruins,
-climb a 5.11,
-join a community service group or volunteer for a non-profit,
-and learn how to wield a chainsaw.

And last year was a great year to be alive. Here's proof (from my cellphone):

yes. it shall be a great year.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011